Seek is the collective consciousness of our studio—Ideas, musings, unused concepts, explorations in design, and elements of the creative process

From the archive—Tracery Stone Materials07.19.2023

LOOP site design from 201607.18.2023

Focus Systems Stuff07.18.2023

Didn’t go anywhere.07.18.2023

Graphic exploration for Harrison Limited 25 year imprint07.18.2023

Connecting Shapes07.18.2023

Isn’t that cute…07.18.2023

Layout exercise for Highlands College07.18.2023

Peace Piece — If you know, we are friends.07.18.2023

Space for Perspectives—Set in NSW0107.18.2023

Throwback to Springback logo exercise—Unused07.18.2023

Unused Icon for Unsaid Client05.23.2023

brutalist BW05.22.2023

Fitting in…05.22.2023

Crop of TOWER on TENTH signage05.22.2023

Acetone Label Design—Memories of Geigy05.22.2023

Keep going…05.22.2023

Hammer in Hay05.22.2023

Unused idea for Sports Social League05.22.2023

Leading Thoughts. Book Cover concept. Unused.05.08.2023

Newco needs a Newlogo04.26.2023

Light Logo Exploration04.26.2023

Unused Motivational Type Concepts04.26.2023

Print. Break. Scan. Repeat.04.26.2023

Attached to Emails05.22.2023

Unused concept. Unrealized dream.04.26.2023


Photo by Grant Legan04.26.2023

Unused Logotype for Curtiss Electric Motorcycles05.08.2023

Liquidity Test04.26.2023

Storage Display04.25.2023

Letterform Study—Unused Custom H04.25.2023

Going up. Going down.05.23.2023

Unused concept for the Wine Library04.15.2023

f l o A t a t I o n05.22.2023

Just the right angle04.25.2023

Car Wash Signage History Revisited04.15.2023

Bustle—Signage in process04.15.2023

PROWORKS—Skidsteer Attachment Brand05.08.2023

seeing 2222 as sculpture04.15.2023

Linq-Connect-Website Header04.15.2023

Elevated Elevations04.15.2023

Unused lettering for ocular biobank brand05.08.2023


Dot “Maetrix”04.15.2023

Unused concept 00104.15.2023

Denim / Canvas04.15.2023

POISE-How to Attain It04.15.2023

Thoughts on earth tones04.15.2023


Lift (Up)04.14.2023


Rob Culpepper—Signals04.14.2023

Stone on Stone04.14.2023





Suspended in Season.04.14.2023

Feel the Modernism.04.14.2023

on-site / out-of-sight04.15.2023



Book Icon04.10.2023

Strange Serifs04.14.2023

Pure Marketing 10104.10.2023

Often. Always.04.14.2023

Seek Temp Six02.24.2023


Seek Temp Five02.24.2023

The Werewolves04.14.2023

Seek Temp Four02.24.2023

Vinyl Pinups04.14.2023

Seek Temp Two02.24.2023

Seek Temp Three02.24.2023

Seek Temp One02.24.2023