Camp DeSoto

Art Direction
Brand Strategy

The Summer that Lasts Forever

Camp DeSoto outside of Mentone, AL is a place were lifelong friends begin, and girls around the South experience summercamp in a way that too often doesn’t happen any longer. As a private, family-owned camp, Camp DeSoto was in a strong place, hitting their limit for the number of campers that could attend year after year. The opportunity wasn’t in growth or marketing, but solifying their legacy, and ensure the brand transitioned from place to a community of girls that become women, who eventually sent their daughters to share in their life-changing experience at camp. Our process ultimately led to a strategy of pulling away from trends in social, and focusing on creating impact in the community whenever we could. As part of a phased approach to evolve content that leads and empowers alumni to share the DeSoto story with friends, we created The Summer That Lasts Forever, a book that chronicles the life at camp, and commemorates the change that happens in all camper’s lives.