Kaiya Beach Resort

Art Direction
Brand Strategy
Social Media

A Life in Harmony

On sunny Highway 30A in the panhandle of Florida’s Gulf Coast is an intimate beach resort committed to creating a respite for its members from the surrounding crowded beaches of the rental community. When we first engaged with the developers at Kaiya, our challenge was to communicate this spirit and create distinction from the other developments up and down 30A. In this program, it became clear that the real opportunity was to brand the wellness program that would permeate every detail of the resort experience, from the food and beverage served to the world-class spa experience in the boutique hotel.

Original Mark

The adaptation of red and updated typeface created the foundation for the new visual identity of Kaiya Beach resort. The hit of red separated Kaiya from the overwhelmingly pastel-based identities in the area.

Updated Symbol

Key to any branded experience is feeling the brand extended into every seemingly small detail of the physical space, executed at the highest level. 

Graphic standards for the brand were introduced to create a cohesive brand experience from initial brand content and marketing collateral, all the way through the buying and resident experience.

Branded content that delivers visually on the promise of living a life in harmony

Delivering a comprehensive brand experience online that tells the story of living a life in harmony.