Art Direction
Brand Strategy

Branding a Global Startup in the Product Design Phase

In 2020, we were approached by the founders of a startup focused on delivering chemical-free produce to urban settings around the world through aeroponics. This cutting-edge technology allows plants to grow in a nutrient-rich mist, reducing the need for soil and water while maximizing efficiency and space. At the time, the team was still in the R&D phase, and hoping that applying a brand and initial set of brand language to the concept would help attract talent, and raise seed funding. 

Because of the global vision, it was important to create an invented name that could be ownable around the world, and work in many languages without any negative connotations. The name Boterna was inspired by the combination of botanical and eternal, because of the subscription model and the healthly benefits produce can provide to a community, as well as the value the franchise business model could provide to entrpreneurs around the world. The initial brand identity was built around the letterform and the shape of the leaf.

Creating a library of stock imagery that can support presentations and collateral in the early product development phase of the brand rollout.

Brand-focused social graphics

In the early phases, it is still important to cast a vision for the brand to work in future phases that include more product-focused sales and marketing collateral

At scale, creating a brand that can tow the line between missional, lifestyle brand and global corporate uniforms was an important goal to consider.